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JULY 7th & 8th, 2023

Storytellers are  masters of many arts. They command the stage, like a Broadway actor; they orchestrate words into suspenseful tales like a bestselling author; and they are your favorite therapist who shares just what you need to hear.


The tellers at the 2023 Sierra Storytelling Festival are all such masters of their ancient craft. Comedians, musicians, authors, voice-over artists, teachers: they each bring the best of their skill to create unforgettable tales at the unforgettable Sierra Storytelling Festival.


This year is the 36th year of the Festival, which is held annually at the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center. The Center is equally varied in its talents, hosting everything from Autumn Shindigs to Erotic Art shows, and its historic 1875 one-room schoolhouse is blessed with an exquisite new outdoor amphitheater stage that will host most of the telling. 

The Festival provides opportunities for the amateur to tell, for children to be delighted, and for some of the best national-circuit tellers to share with their treasured audience.


Called the Queen of Storytelling Festivals, the 36th annual Sierra Storytelling Festival will be held the second weekend in July, July 7-8, on Friday and Saturday. It kicks off with a thought-stirring workshop at 1 pm and concludes with happy hearts, faith in humanity, and full souls on Saturday night.


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Sierra Storytelling Festival is a dream for any storyteller/performer. Performing on stage under a ceiling of tree canopies, crisp sails, and blue skies; a warm and welcoming audience; delicious food and craft beer. Add to that a wide blend of stories and music and seriously, why would you do anything or go anywhere else that weekend?”- Kim Weitkamp



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