Johnny Moses

Johnny Moses is one of the most popular storytellers in North America. With beauty, wisdom and humor, he shares both traditional and contemporary stories in a wide variety of settings, including festivals, libraries, schools, and private gatherings.

Johnny has shared stories with thousands of people, including audiences at the prestigious National Storytelling Festival, as well as at the Lincoln Center, University of California, University of Washington, Naropa Institute and the New York Open Center.

Combining his vast store of knowledge as an oral historian and his Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Johnny also lectures on the subjects of Northwest Coast culture and spirituality in universities, colleges, and schools.

In his tradition there were no formal schools; wisdom and knowledge about all areas of life were handed down in stories. Johnny shares each story in English, traditional sign language, and one of the eight native languages that he speaks fluently.

His songs and stories delight all children, whether wide-eyed preschoolers or jaded high school students. As they listen to Johnny’s unique and authentic voice, the kids laugh, learn, and are uplifted. And they always ask him to come back again.