Story Slam

The 2023 Story Slam theme is HOT WATER!

Hot Water

Have you ever been in need of hot water? Or run out of it?

Have you ever been in hot water?

Or maybe you’ve been in a divine hot spring, AHHHHHH.


Got a story?… Take it to new levels at this years’ Festival!

Story slam is held in the Schoolhouse on Saturday- July 8th from 5:30-6:30 pm.


You as a slammer will enter the competition by dropping your name in a hat. Twelve names will be drawn.

You’ll have five minutes to tell the tale. Time your tale well. Points are lost if you pass the five minutes.

There will be a small team of judges, some professional storytellers, some not, made up of audience members.

Judges will make decisions based on these criteria: how well the story is told; how well the story is structured; how well the story explores, connects with, and/or reveals some truth about the theme; and how well the time limit is honored.

True stories are the medium here; poetry is discouraged unless it fits the criteria and tells a story. Folktales, myths or fables are discouraged unless, again, they are worked into the teller’s true story and fit the criteria. Copyright laws apply: Don’t use someone else’s work. Audience and judges expect real life adventures.

Props—including notes—are not to be used.

The winner is the lucky recipient of an All-Festival Pass to next year’s Sierra Storytelling Festival.